Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just an Update

Things have been super crazy lately and I feel so out of the loop! It's mostly due to me starting work. I'm subbing! I subbed about 5 years ago before I got my first job in marketing and found it to be a great transitional "for now" job. Now the added bonus is it's flexible and the hours are great - I get to be home with Liam for the second half of the day! Another contributing factor to my busyness is the fact that we're temporarily living with my mom - so I've been accompanying her on a few little excursions here and there - appointments, dinners etc - I'm not used to having so much time with family - it's very nice to be so close (too close?!) for a while. It's going to get a little crazier too, because my sister and her little family are moving in this weekend. Are we nuts?! Yes, I think we most definitely are. Kelly graduates from nursing school tomorrow (congratulations, sis!) and Joel starts seminary across the state in January, hence the move. Until they find a house to buy, we'll all be under the same roof! Oh - and Kelly is due to have baby Patrick in early January! Let the madness begin....

My dad's Iraqi friend, "Jimmy" has been on my mind a lot too. He's currently in Syria and just sent the rest of his family back to Iraq because it is so dangerous there right now. He can't go with them because there are people that want him dead in Iraq. We've got our senator working on finding out what the delay is in moving them to the US, but the process is painfully slow. I'll post the back-story sometime soon. For now please just pray for Jimmy's family's safety.