Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Post all about Liam!

He's talking up a storm now - here are some of the funnier things he says:
  • He calls my sister "Mama Jo-Jo"
  • Exclaims "Oh me, oh my!"
  • Doesn't say "Grandma" but calls Justin's mom "Go Irish" (He calls my mom Mimi)
  • He loves his Pop-pop and asks for him ALL the time. He's been working a lot lately and when asked where Pop-pop is he says "working." 
  • He's amazed by pretty much everything and his favorite way to vocalize that is to say "oh, wowwww!"
  • Knows not to touch "Daddy's books"
  • Is happy to serve you "hot tea" and will top you up when it's "all gone" (good Irish lad!)
  • When we tell him that we love him he says "I know, I know"
What he's doing:
  • Loves his new kitchen from Santa!
  • Obsessed with building Lego towers and airplanes
  • Loves pointing out what colors things are (so far knows blue, yellow, green, orange and sometimes pink and purple. Refuses to say red for some reason!).
  • Counting... but only to two, ha ha! 
  • Reading... the kid loves his books! Especially Olivia goes to Venice, The Little Engine that Could and Moo, Baa, La La La
  • 20 months old. Currently weighs 26 lbs and is pretty tall - not sure of that measurement!
A few favorite photos from the last couple of months:

Harvest Party at the Burrow - with cousin, Jude



"Why aren't I wearing mittens, mom?"

Jude and Liam - Christmas 2011

 The fam - Christmas 2011