Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back to Dublin

Tomorrow we head back to Dublin for Justin's commencement ceremony! Actually, we fly into Dublin and leave for Paris the next day. J is giving a paper at a conference. Did I mention we are going ALONE?! Last time we were in Paris we had this little guy tagging along. 

It was amazing, but as you can imagine our sightseeing (and romancing) was limited. I didn't even get to see the Louvre! Though I'm very anxious about leaving my darling boy [for 12 days] I am looking forward to reconnecting with J in the city of love (we arrive a few days before the conference!). 

After the conference we fly back to Dubs for graduation. J's mom will be there waiting for us. We have a weekend full of fun planned with friends. I am looking so forward to seeing everyone! Updates upon our return...

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  1. Enjoy Meg and Justin, it sounds like a fabulous trip - and ALONE!!! Woo hoo :) xx