Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

As the years go by it's natural for birthday to get less and less important. In college I think I used to celebrate the whole week long! Now it's easy for me to forget my birthday is even drawing near. Also, I think we start to think about birthdays differently as we get older. I, for one don't mind getting older... I enjoy learning more, and knowing more about myself and my family - only time can do that. I see smile lines as gifts... memories of joyful times past. frown lines remind me that I've experienced pain and sadness, and that's okay too.

Since I had Liam, I think about my parents much more on my birthday. They did give me the gift of life, after all. And did a pretty good job raising me (if I do say so myself!). It's a special day for moms and dads too. This year I won't get to see or call my dad and thank him, but I'm pretty sure he already knows.

Proud new parents!

My mom and I


  1. Happy Birthday, my Meggie.

  2. Happy Birthday! You look so much like your mom. Love you!!

  3. Sweet! Hope you had a lovely day Meg xx

  4. Happy Birthday, Meg! You look just like your Mom, but you have your Dad's smile! xo