Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liam's Two Year Stats

We'll start with the measurements:
He is 36.5 inches tall (90th percentile)
25.5 lbs (25th percentile)
Head circumference: 19 in (50th percentile)

Taking a swim in the Lake in Lewiston, MI (June, 2011)

So, he's tall and slender, no surprise there! He is like the energizer bunny all day long and is a great (though VERY messy) eater. I think all that nutrition is going into making him grow up and not out! He has these adorable little chicken legs, which he certainly does not get from my side of the family (I wish!). His hair is starting to curl and he's got a light dusting of freckles across his nose.

Grandpaddy & Liam at cousin Shelley's Wedding (June, 2011)

He can count to ten (skipping a number every now and then, mostly because he wants to say them to fast). And though he doesn't say his ABCs all the way through he recognizes each letter and a word or two that start with it. He's very good at classifying colors, and has been since he was about 18 months old. He's talking in full sentences, though he kind of sound like a robot when he talks - like there's a period after each word... "Daddy. Go. Downstairs!" or "I. Make. Mommy. Coffee!"

A Visit to the local dairy farm, on a very warm March day (2012)

He loves pretend play now - likes to pretend he's a dog or a cat and asks us to pet him. Makes us food in his kitchen and gives us bites. When he's busy doing something he makes the funniest commentary... Like "Hmmm, um, yes." With a look of complete concentration - it cracks us up! He'd rather be outside than anywhere else. A favorite activity is walking on the trail behind the house (which is actually a road with undeveloped land). There are a few sewer drains and he could spend forever throwing rocks down the holes. He still loves to read - loves cuddling up to mommy or daddy at bedtime for his three stories. His favorite show is Super-Why (he is OBSESSED!) I think Peppa Pig has been replaced - he still loves the show but doesn't ask for it as much.

Easter, 2012

We're currently co-sleeping. When we moved back to the States it was such a big change for all of us, we just kept him in our bed. It's been fine so we haven't made an effort to change it yet. But when we move again we're going to introduce the toddler bed and make the transition. I have a feeling it could get a little ugly - he relies on us to fall asleep so he's going to have to learn how to self soothe. I'm sure the process will take a while, since I'm not interested in letting him cry it out at this point in time. I'll probably write a post about how it goes when it happens.

With new pal, Woody

Potty training will probably be happening soon, even though I wouldn't mind if he were in diapers for a while longer! He's showing the tell-tale signs that he's ready so that'll be another project after we move.... boy what a fun summer we have planned! Ha!

Enjoying his birthday cake!

I have to say, I am so proud of him to adapting to all the change in our lives - one thing has remained constant - his parents are always there, which I think it the most important thing right now. There is more change to come... moving next week across the state to the burrow and then another move at the end of the summer. Hopefully at that point we can lay down roots for at least a couple of years. I think we would all benefit from a little consistency!

I am looking so forward to watching Liam grow and learn in his third year of life :-)


  1. He's so big! And so handsome! Congratulations Meg & Justin - I wish we could pop over for a visit randomly, like the good old days. You guys are all welcome anytime in Florida! Our door is always open!

  2. Aww, thank you so much, Liz! Your invite sounds very tempting... don't be surprised if we show up on your doorstep! We miss you guys so much - what a great time in our lives.

    Ellen has a birthday coming up, too! Congratulations on making it through the first year!