Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend at the Burrow (my in-law's home). We so enjoy our time there, and no one enjoys it more than Liam! He and his Pop Pop are BFFs. And it's no wonder why... Pop Pop entertains Liam's every whim. They spend the day driving Pop Pop's truck and beeping the horn, riding the mower, and trekking to the red and blue play houses in the Hundred Acre Woods. They just exhaust each other! They are quite a pair and it's downright adorable. This adorable picture was snapped by Kate and is a perfect representation of their bond...

Justin's sibs were there for the weekend, too, and it was so fun catching up. On Sunday we all woke up early to attend Easter breakfast at the church and participate in the egg-hunt before the service. I think Liam was so exhausted from all the fun he had that he tuckered right out in the beginning of the service! That said, we all were able to sit through the whole thing - yay!

Liam found his Easter basket when we returned and was very excited about the "yummies" that the bunny brought (bunny shaped marshmallows and coconut nests with jelly beans). He also got jammies and a couple of books, an Elmo "nope-pad" and crayons.

Allergy free bird nests (recipe here)

We had such a wonderful weekend! Since then I've been working on all things birthday for the party on Saturday! Everything is coming together... so far I have made the banner, the layers for the rainbow cake, the cake topper, his 2nd year video (see his 1st year video here) and most of the shopping done. Still lots to do, but I definitely feel like I have a good handle on things. Can't wait!!

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