Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Liam's Top 5 Favorite Books

Liam loves to be read to, which I love, too! I thought I'd share a list of his current favorites. These are the books he requests all the time, and knows most of the words to.

This book is so funny and has us both laughing out loud. I was a birthday present and we've read it about a million times already!

He LOVES the Little Critter series. This is one of the books he has pretty much memorized. 

Such a funny book! Simple and funny. Great for all ages. We actually don't own it yet but checked it out from the library - I hated to return it!

Liam loves the big red dog!! I get pretty tired of reading these books but Liam sure doesn't.

About a llama that doesn't want to go to bed and keeps calling for his mama. Reminds me of someone I know....

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