Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to Work Woes

The Big Move is eminent. And with moving back to Michigan comes my return to the workforce. I brushed up the ol' resume and started applying (and now interviewing) for jobs. I think as any mother who is getting ready to go back to work after a baby would say, I'm a bit lot anxious. I constantly have back and forth conversations in my head about the pros and cons.

The biggest and most obvious factor is that I am going to miss Liam, and I am so afraid that he will miss me and be mad at me for going away. The other worry is that I will be jealous of whoever is spending more time with him. Yet another is that they won't do things the way I do. Will I be absolutely exhausted by the time I get home? Will an hour and a half of "quality time" before he goes to bed be enough? How do I combat these feelings? One thing that might help is writing down all of Liam's favorite things - everything from food, to songs. Any other suggestions? How do I get rid of this pit in my stomach?

Thankfully it will be Justin, my mother-in-law (and possibly my mom if they move to the area) and later on day-care two days a week watching Liam, so I know he will be in good, loving hands. Also, I am looking forward to having adult conversation and feeling productive (in the "job" sense). Another aspect of going to work that gets me excited.... work clothes! I've already been scouring my favorite work wear stores online and it always cheers me up.

Here are a few options I pinned on Pinterest:

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Trying to think happy thoughts, and look on the bright side. So many women do this! I can too.


  1. Yes, work clothes are definitely the most exciting thing about starting to work! I had to get some interview things and I've picked up a few more pieces since I have nothing. It's very fun! You can do it, Meg. And just think how money Liam will think you are when you walk in with your new clothes! :D

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks clothes are the best part! I do feel like if you feel like a million bucks you'll work like it too. Liam will definitely be overwhelmed with how money I am when I come home in my snazzy clothes with a snazzy paycheck to boot!