Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zombie Mom

I think it goes without saying that new parents are sleep deprived. I also think that parents generally expect this in the beginning (though nothing truly prepares them for it!). Sure it's all we could talk about for months on end... Conversations would go like this:

Mom A: "How did little Sally sleep last night?"
Mom B: "Ugh, she woke at least 5 times, I'm wrecked!"
Mom A: "Oh you poor thing, I completely understand, Bobby woke at 2 and just wouldn't go back to sleep!"

So, conversations like this were pretty typical until about the babies got to be about 6-8 months old. Then one of two things happened. Either your baby had started sleeping though the night and you didn't want to jinx it or make anyone jealous, or your baby was still not sleeping thought the night and you just learned to deal with the sleep deprivation (and you were sick of talking about sleep all the time).

I'm one of the lucky ones who hasn't had a full night's sleep in well, 16 months (actually more than that - if you've ever been pregnant you know what sleep is like near the end). I think it's starting to take a toll. I look older and uglier than ever. My body constantly aches. I eat whatever's easy and within reach so my diet is crap. (Don't worry Liam eats like a king!) I crave sleep. I just want to lay in bed for two days straight - make that a week, it's my daydream!

Does anyone else have a toddler that's still waking at night? Let's break the silence!


  1. I beg to disagree, you looked so fresh and beautiful when I saw you last!
    My fella was terrible at night, woke 6+ times then this gradually went down to 3 times and then he started sleeping longer stretches just a few months ago. My problem now is that he wakes at 5-5.30am every morning. I don't feel any more well rested now than when he woke three times but slept on till after 7am.
    Its the only big complaint I have about this motherhood lark! I'm always glad theres no major worries keeping us up at night though. I'm eternally optimistic that he'll eventually learn to love his sleep.....please let it be soon ;-) dawn

  2. Oh Dawn, bless you for your kind words! I am happy to know I'm not the only one suffering with this sleep business. Like you, I love every other bit of motherhood - but this sleep stuff is rough!
    I keep telling myself that when he's 15 I'll be the one dragging HIM out of bed (with pleasure!!).

  3. hehe oh yeah bring on the revenge!!!
    was talking to my next door neighbour yesterday and both of his kids were good sleepers - his 12 week old is now sleeping the night. Some people have all the luck! I know a good few people with a mix of sleepers and non sleepers in the family so heres hoping whenever we decide to try again we get a sleeper.
    Hope Liam gives you a nice rest tonight. and if not maybe you could give Aoife a call, she's setting up as a babysitter now that she's going back to college. Dawn