Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guest Post by my Husband, Justin

Hello everyone! Justin here. Meg asked me to post a guest blog some time ago. I have found an excellent excuse to do so. Yesterday Liam and I gave Meg a nice long afternoon to herself. Where does and Irish history-obsessed dad take his son on a Saturday? To a graveyard of course! Liam and I visited Prospect Cemetery, better known as Glasnevin Cemetery. Despite a small setback (note: the 13 bus from Merrion Square does not go past the cemetery, despite what the driver might tell you), we made it safe and sound. Liam was asleep when we arrived, but soon awoke to find himself in Dublin's necropolis.

We wandered up and down the small avenues that dissect towers of tombstones. A lot of work has been done to the cemetery since last I visited in 2005. One grave that is always immaculately kept is that of Michael Collins - Commander-in-Chief of the Provisional Free State Army during the shaky first year of Irish independence. The anniversary of his death is 22 August, so we were right on time to lay some flowers in memory of this great organizer and leader.

A quick visit to the gift shop (€25 for a paper print of Collins? I think not!), to the cafe for an ice cream, and we were on our way back to town. Liam and I stopped in Trinity College for a run around the cricket pitch before heading home to Meg.

A great day overall! Go check out Glasnevin Cemetery for yourself. There is a new visitor's center, museum and hourly tours.
All the best,

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Justin. It's so great to know you're squeezing every last drop out of Dublin before you leave.
    Mama M.