Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living with Little

All of the stuff was collected yesterday by the moving crew, which means we are living with the bare necessities. The good news is that we are not taking our dishes, Liam's crib, or any of our furniture or bedding so it's not that bad. Actually, it's kind of nice! There are a lot less toys to pick up and our closets have never looked better! The best thing about moving is the weeding out process (well, it's not fun, but the end result is great!) Anything that I haven't worn lately was donated and I only kept Liam's really nice things. 

I think L can sense something is up - and when the movers were here yesterday he was really clingy and kind of hyper. It was hard to direct them and keep him occupied at the same time (J was working). He was obsessed with the big truck and kept wanting to go outside and see it, calling it a "bu" (bus). The movers were  nice guys. My friend, Kim, who recently repatriated as well, told me it was customary to offer anyone who does work in your home to be offered a cup of tea so when they arrived I offered and they said they would love one - one with just milk and one with just sugar. The Irish and their tea! Love it.

JS and I felt bad that we packed up Liam's favorite toys so we improvised (happy, Dad?) and created a castle out of leftover boxes for him to play in. It's a little rough looking but L loves it! 

Liam's Castle

Reading to bunny


  1. I love the castle! It even has the Hungry Caterpillar on it!

  2. Oh my goodness, how precious! What a great way to keep him happy during all the chaos! Good thinking!

  3. Creative parenting at its finest! I love the drawbridge! Liam is one lucky little guy!
    P.S. I am signed in as Anomymous... but it's me! Mom/Grammy!! xoxo